Communicating values

DFS is a global leader in travel and duty free retailing.

Since opening its first airport location in the ’60s, DFS has evolved into a luxury goods, relationship-based retailer, and a global leader in travel and duty-free shopping.

Our task was to make sure the DFS culture and values reflected their new reality – and that their teams across the world understood them, engaged with them, and knew how they should be manifested each and every day.


DFS is a global organisation, with a distinct identity. To articulate the values of a company with such scale – and make them engaging to employees across the world – we took a strategic, methodical approach:

  • Interviewed employees to identify how the values came to life for them
  • And researched how were manifested
  • Researched the most effective touch points and comms channels…
  • And determined how to utilise them for optimum effectiveness



To bring the new DFS values to life, we wanted to celebrate how employees are living them already. Inspired By You is a platform that places real employees at the centre of the DFS story.

Using stylists, make-up artists, photoshoots and behind-the-scenes filming, we took employees from across the world and turned them into customers for the day – capturing their thoughts on DFS values, how they engage with them from day-to-day, and rewarding them for their service.

Each photoshoot and film focused on an individual value and was used across the range of channels identified in the research phase, including live events, posters, intranet, interactive workshops and more


The campaign was very well received by employees across the world. It reached all 9,000 plus employees, and the 12-week interactive workshops helped drive significant increases in knowledge, understanding and engagement of the new DFS values.


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