Cathay Pacific

Delivering global change

Cathay Pacific (CX), an international airline based in Hong Kong, is investing heavily in new aircraft and technologies to maintain its position as a world-class aviation hub.

To help its Engineers and Mechanics work smarter and more efficiently, CX developed ‘20/20 Vision’, a global change programme designed to give its Line Maintenance team direction and focus for the future. 

They needed a strategic partner to support them in launching it and driving engagement. It’s a complex programme, so our key objective was to help the Engineers and Mechanics understand the programme’s purpose and get them engaged with what’s in for them.  


The Engineering Managers had learned about the programme at a dedicated two-day conference, and were expected to share the details with their teams. We launched a survey to assess whether this had been achieved – and our results revealed a fundamental lack of understanding.

There were huge knowledge gaps that needed to be addressed so we recommended that CX address these vis interactive engagement sessions. These sessions needed to be much more informative, engaging and 2-way.


We designed an interactive session that was hands-on and informative, without going over old ground. As well as creating an animated video and a session guide, we developed 2 interactive activities to support the engagement:

  1. Flash Quiz, to make sure the messages of the video had sunk in. It was designed to be fast, fun and get people involved; not simply looking at a power point presentation
  2. Post card activity, answering: What does 20/20 mean to me? One outcome of the survey is that the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ remained unanswered for the Mechanics. We wanted to capture their responses now they had learnt everything about the programme and the ways it will benefit them. 

We ran training sessions for the Line Maintenance leadership so the sessions were delivered consistently around the globe and created detailed scripts for the session leaders to follow. 


90% of participants gave positive feedback about the sessions.

There was a marked increase in engagement levels of 20/20 initiatives. All participants expressed increased understanding of the 20/20 Vision and their role in it.

90 %
positive feedback

100 %
increased understanding

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